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Alright I normally don't get into the political stuff and this topic is beaten into the ground now, but I don't think this can be stressed enough. A very large portion, if not majority, of the people who play your game are male. If you push away the largest portion of your player base your game will die. I'm not saying that all men will up and stop playing just because of this PAX thing, but it's something to think about. And for the record, if you push away ANYONE based on their gender/religion/sexual orientation/political views/person beliefs/ whatever, your game will slowly die. Promoting diversity within your own office is a good and healthy thing. Pushing forced gender diversity on your players is not good. There would be nothing wrong with encouraging more females/Non--binary to play the game, so long as it doesn't discriminate against anyone else. Diversity for diversity's sake is bad. Organic, natural diversity and inclusion is good. Sexism is sexism anyway ya crack it. Discrimination against anyone based on sex/gender identity is sexism. That's the bottom line. Discrimination against men is sexism. Discrimination against females is sexism. Discrimination against non-binary/literally any gender is sexism. Sexism not good. Sexism very bad. Don't do that.
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