Is multi tasking while playing league a banable offense?

I said "afk making a coffee" and my teammate said he would report me. Keep in mind I carried my team and I want to win. My coffee machine is beisde my monitor and I don't even use my keyboard I play mouse only. My keyboard is connected to the TV downstairs. So I was letting my team know I don't have a keyboard to adjust to that and to wait until I drink a coffee before engaging because I will be more alert and ready. Just in shorter amount of words. I assure you I was away from my keyboard making coffee but I don't think multitasking is banable offense. I started and finished the game straight through playing the exact same way. EDIT *** I play with mouse only with my right hand and my coffee maker is on the left side and I can basically brew a pot with my left hand with out taking vision off my monitor. I think even texting during a game distracts you more.
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