Dam Silver was a struggle for me this year.

Perhaps, it was from not playing for 2/3 the year (Was playing CoD:BO4 and well living life, going out and shit), but Silver this year just seemed like a overall struggle. 87 games, a awful 42% win rate, and the overall realization that I'm no longer even a passable jungle player anymore (Was my secondary role, switched to ADC, only had to do it two games and went 2-0 on Cait) Well back to norms. maybe I'll get some of my mojo back and try to do more ranked later on, but with Borderlands 3 and CoD:MW coming out in back to back months next month, who knows :D. Not that any of you care haha, I'm just happy to be done with the grind, although I did notice, while I didn't do as well, once I got into higher gold games I could still hold my own and my team actually played like a team.
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