Red Post Collection: Quick Gameplay Thoughts July 4th & July 6th, ARENA: Pigeon Rising, & More
in Update on Updated Spellblade VFX!] Today's red post collection includes quick gameplay thoughts for July 4th and July 6th, tweets from ricklessabandon on Karma & more, as well as an Esports blog on the LCS Pigeon, an update on the Spellblade VFX in testing on the PBE, reminders, and more!
&quot;Iceborn When a champion Lissandra has damaged within the last 3 seconds dies they become a Frozen Statue. Frozen Statues slow nearby enemies by 30%. After 2.5 seconds Frozen Statues shatter, dealing X (+Y AP ratio) magic damage to nearby enemies.&quot; Now, I may not be a high level player or anything, but I&#039;m someone who just generally loves {{champion:127}}. From the thematic to the gameplay style, Liss is and always has been one of my favorite champs in the game (next to Kassadin of course.) I just wanted to make this post as like a personal thank you, because, frankly, holy shit, this new passive sounds INCREDIBLE. Thank you SO so much to Meddler for coming to the liss mains subreddit and listening to our thoughts about her, I was someone who mentioned in the thread that we wanted a passive that felt thematically &#039;icy&#039; for her instead of an auto attack enhancement, and this looks like you&#039;ve found something that is absolutely going to deliver. If anyone from the decision team reads this, just know I wanna hug yall so badly right now. Thank you.
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