As somebody that bought the world pass, I now realize it is feeding unhealthy gaming and I regret it

I started off this month trying to get the most of the world pass, but now I realize that it's just there to make me feel an obligation to have to play 4-5 games a day and not miss win of the days. It's everything I hate about video games because it takes me from doing something that I occasionally enjoy and making it to be something I am obligated to do whether I want to or not. I'm just going to eat the 15 dollars and not going to play very much because it feels like it isn't worth it. I hope that this isn't what the game is leaning toward in order to unlock things because League is already a game that seems to feed off addicting people instead of encouraging moderation. I miss when my Wii told me to take a break. Wii was looking out for me. On a side note, I realized too late that Riot lied to us and said we could get wins from a rotating game mode only for there to not be a rotating game mode. I thought this would be a way I could casually play and get tokens but even that is missing. I'm going to approach all these pay in advance things in League the same way I do with other DLC from other games and just avoid it until I know what I am getting.
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