Today I laned against a Maokai

As Darius I lvl 1 W killed him and won lane from there. His jungle came up a few times securing a kill on me when I was too pushed up but he never got to CS the whole game. At the 20 minute mark I was about 6/2 and maokai was 0/4. As per usual his teammates requested our team to report him for feeding. This struck a weird chord with me. This happens almost every game that someone says someone else should be reported for playing poorly. So I decided to stick up for Maokai through the next couple of messages. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Them: "Report Maokai for feeding. Thanks" Me :"No Maokai is not feeding. I won lane and denied him CS." Them: "He didn't adapt to lane so report him for that" Me: "He built armor and gave me space so he didn't give up more kills. He played just fine I just cheesed him." Me: "Where is the 'adapt to lane' option in the report pane?" Them: "Well he needs to play better" Me: "If you want him to play better encourage him. Motivate him. Down bring him down by saying he should be reported." Me: "Also I main Maokai. When I saw him pick Maokai I went Darius to counter him." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To all of you. When your teammate is losing tell him to not worry about it. Let him know that it's ok to have a bad game but just to try hard next time he's alive. DO NOT EVER MENTION THAT YOU WILL REPORT HIM FOR FEEDING. Unless he is doing it intentionally which 99 times out of 100 they are not DO NOT MENTION THIS. When you are on the other team of the 'feeder'. Tell the other team to shove it if they're bad mouthing their bad player. Its just one game but for that guy who's 0/9 its a terrible experience to be flamed that will probably stick with him well after the game. We have all been flamed many times over. Sotreat your bad teammates how you want to be treated when you are performing poorly. Because if you think you never have a bad game you are kidding yourself.
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