I'm fuming

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What the absolute FUCK is wrong with the match making system? Tell me why in my d1 promos I get a platinum 2 jungler in a game with exlusively d3-d1 range players. (Mostly d1 d2). I already lost a game I should've won, so I go look at op.gg to see my stats compared to my teammates. https://gyazo.com/4b096150fbc5b45b36827906d90525ee See the problem? Let's look closer. https://gyazo.com/02151d0417932072a9987fe864306c83 Hmmmmmm, that's odd a platinum 2? Maybe his op.gg just isn't updated and he's d4 or something. https://gyazo.com/0664392de7db43dc167affa9647b1a4f AHHH That's not quite the case, he's actually a 25% wr player in platinum 2 being matched up with high diamond. So, tell me riot why the fuck do I get a Platinum 2 jungler in my d1 promos? I haven't seen a plat player in months but now all of a sudden my games being turbo inted by someone who doesn't belong to be playing my elo? This is literally and absolutely disgusting, and anyone who's mid to high diamond would without a doubt agree that this is figgity figgity fucked up. Please for the love of god, fix the match making.
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