Why cant you all just get along

This is mostly just me ranting cause i never say anything in game, but if i just held all my frustration in all the time without writing something out id probably go crazy. So im not a angry person and have never really been one. Iv never understood why people get angry in general as iv only ever gotten upset if it has to do with the well being of others, other than that i really just dont understand what draws people to become so frustrated with the simplest of things. That being said i know that this game gets frustrating for a lot of people and thats normal and all. But i just really dont understand why players choose to take out their anger on their own teammate. Iv been playing a bit of ranked and i dont really play ranked often but figured id try and get to gold before the season ends. And its astonishing to that in probably over half my games theres atleast one person on my own team, regardless of whether we r winning or losing, who feels the need to flame my other teammates for absolutely anything and everything. Whats even more astonishing is these people choose to throw the game as payback for another teammate doing absolutely nothing to actually harm their state in the game? It just really doesnt make sense why people find any excuse to quit playing a game out of anger. If you get so easily frustrated and it seems like u didnt really want to play, or atleast not play to win, then why are you playing league in the first place? Im just really tired of all the childish bickering and back and forth blaming. I understand if your trying to tell ur teamate to do something thatll help you win, but there are constructive ways to do so and calling them a pos garbage player is most definitely not one of them. Its not even myself to this happens to. I guess most people cant find a reason to flame me. Or if they try i completely ignore it. But im mostly just tired of losing ranked games solely because my own team was doing more damage to ourselves than the enemy ever could.
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