I attended this recent Pax that everyone is talking about.

I seriously cannot fucking fathom why us females "deserved this special privilege" because our playbase wasn't "up to standards" like the males. The moment I saw that we were getting special treatment, I immediately left, went back to my hotel and called it a night. I was so disapointed with how Riot handled this, especially at Daniel Klein, even further reading on that Rioters were agreeing with the way he was handling things. He fought sexism with sexism, legit proclaiming that all men are rapists so to speak. You really made yourselves look like an ass this time, Riot. That is the last time I ever attend one of your conventions, it's sad because I had to legit call off work, drive 12 hours for nothing, spend a night in my hotel alone, sad and disapointed and in utter disbelief, then drive 12 hours back and have spent my hard earned money for absolutely nothing. What a joke.
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