Can we remove safety from Ahri's kit and give her damage?

Nothing hurts me more than a champ that offers nearly 0 damage compared to other carry champs get nerfed because of high survivability. Is it possible to rework Ahri so that she will have more risk? Currently the 725 range boost when she lands charm is stupid, and Ahri should need to use ultimate to apply her full burst. Currently, Ahri's ultimate is designed ONLY for running away. The damage and range on it is ridiculously weaker than other carries ultimates. And her ultimate had NO reason to be used because its damage and range is low and her REST OF HER KIT SCREAMS TO BURST FROM 725 RANGE? Literally, what is the point of her ultimate except for skyrocketing her safety and thus skyrocketing her winrate? Proposal: Remove 725 range boost on W Revert her W range to its original size Revert her R range to its original size Revert her passive to her old healing passive Revert her last charm buff completely. Ahri will ALWAYS have a high winrate because of her safety. But if you nerf her safety than her damage is too low for being less safe. Ahri needs to have LESS SAFETY for MORE DAMAGE.
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