I miss Teambuilder, it's was the most funny thing in League of Legends...

Makes a 5 supports team for fun.. Research 5 adc, 5 top laners for doing funny things even if it's fail... Discover and talk with your teammates before the game, people were more sympathic and kind. Queues weren't that long except for support role. Btw you could invite your friends too... It's was like custom game but in way better. You was on the lane you wanted. You could decide to quit or stay in the team (you was free). In normal game, if you are with toxics teammates, then you know it's will not be a good game. In teambuilder, you can quit the team if you see it's toxic and not good. When it's was available, i was always doing Teambuilder because it's was funnier than doing normal game or draft one. I remember my {{champion:37}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:89}} team with 4 people that i didnt even knew. They were strangers to me and after this game, we became friends. It's was funny, sympathic, and i feel like you was in a team. Like his name "Teambuilder", a great option to build a team with adorable teammates who want to have fun like you. Why you removed this ? It's was the best thing in lol for me. You should remove normal games and replace it with Teambuilder. You will see : Less toxicity, more funny compos, making friends easier... Teambuilder has a lot of good things to offer to players, you shouldn't had removed this option but improved it and encouraged people to use it. LOL is a teamgame, Teambuilder was the best thing for meeting random strangers and game with them. What the point of making games so fast and don't even try to discover others, games full of toxicity ? Maybe it's was a little long but it's was joyful. Most of my friends in my list come from Teambuilder, i don't think it's suprising...
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