Since Riot is FINALLY listening to the player base more and more now...

Can we get a poll every month or so for a champion skin? They don't have to be super exclusive fancy skins, just even like a chroma for a base skin, or something. We already had a poll to vote on a few skin selections, but not really the champions the skins are for, and hell, we even got to vote on the next reworks! That was crazy awesome of riot to do that for us... The polls could be as simple as like... New Blood moon skin for... 1. Bard 2. Sion 3. Shaco 4. Randomly generated champion. Feel like this would take a LOT of heat off of riot from us... We as a community get pretty shitty towards riot whenever there is a new skin for a "weeb" or "cashgrab" champion such as Yasuo. Or really any time there is a new skin for a champ with 8+skins while a lot of champs still have 3 or less.
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