I wanted to believe, I really did... but one of my favorite series is about to go to shit.

[](https://media.comicbook.com/2018/07/doctor-who-1122733-1280x0.jpeg) https://youtu.be/TQPUm_IwaKk Chibnall really dropped the ball on this one. He drove away or fired all the good writers and replaced them mostly with inexperienced people with mediocre works in writing. Some of them even have extremely strong tendencies to push agendas in their works, and certainly weren't ashamed to flaunt it in their interviews. Why the hell would you give a series with such big shoes to fill to a guy who wrote 4 shitty episodes of it 4-5 years ago? This guy doesn't know shit about sci-fi, and makes Steven Moffat, the guy who whether his episodes would be good or bad was decided by a coin flip, looks like Shakespeare. I love Jodie Whittaker being the choice for the new Doctor. I love the Doctor's new, snazzy look. But everything else about this series looks like it's going to be complete garbage because they couldn't even make a damn teaser trailer without pushing an agenda nobody is opposing. You're supposed to ease your old fans into liking the new Doctor, not give them the finger and call them names. Hell, even I know that. And Chibnall should know it better than I, yet here we are. Nobody is really up in arms about the Doctor being a woman. They're pissed that the writers are going to bring this magnificent series to a crashing halt in a fiery mess of cringy writing and agenda pushing themes. First Ghostbusters. Then Star Wars. Now Doctor Who. I'm just sorry Jodie Whittaker is getting dragged into this disaster waiting to happen. She is a fantastic actress who is way too good for the likes of Chibnall and the joke of a team of writers he has assembled. Can the apocalypse just happen already, please? The world needs a reset.
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