I really wish a fun MMO existed.

League is shit. Always has been (and that's why I avoided it). But people are just too fucking lazy and apathetic to give a damn these days, and Riot (and companies like EA, Ubisoft, Activision and so on) is just allowed to get away with all kinds of business practices that should be illegal (and some of them are, in fact). And now, because of that apathy (I would call it stupidity, but that'd be "offensive" and I'd be punished for it), gaming is all but dead. We have sprinkles of indie devs that give a damn and try to keep it alive, but they're just overwhelmed by all the greed -- and a lot of them become greedy too. So, now I'm stuck playing this shitty game (and I don't even like MOBAs). I can't even bring myself to push the "play now" button half the time because I know the game won't be fun, and it'll be decided at champ select. I used to love MMOs, but they've all been made "casual-friendly" and boring, and now I can't enjoy those either. Sure is fun to have your hobby ripped away to sate some asshole's greed. And before you say to go download an indie game... I have. Many times. They last a day or two at best, and that's it.
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