Riot games is part of whats wrong with todays society

Riot Games and the way they go about "protecting" their players from toxicity is insane. One word that someone doesn't like and they start to cry and bitch about toxicity and then they report. Riot is apart of the reason many of the younger generations are growing up to be pansies and being okay with participation trophies. It's teaching them that no one in the world will hurt them and life is perfect the way they choose to live it. Although in reality, not every choice in life is good. If someone doesn't yell at someone for a poor play they won't learn to be better. They will think its the other players fault and continue playing like dog shit. I think constructive and HARSH criticism is the way people should learn. If people don't realize what they're doing is wrong they will continue to do so. Even if you try to be kind people will either flame or shrug it off. Riot you're being pussies and its just one of the many reasons you're losing your player base.
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