Question regarding jungle cs

So I've always heard that you want to strive for 10 cs a minute. Try as a may I can only get at best 7.3 a minute as a jungler. And that's without stealing farm from my laners. Now I don't want to steal farm from them owing to that putting them behind but is that what I'm going to have to end up doing? Or is that 10 cs a minute looking at laners? Because I've checked a couple of Junglers of higher tiers to include Meteos, who I'll use as an example. And alot of his cs numbers are around 5-7. So in a nut shell. Is it still 10 cs a min for junglers or is that number lower for junglers owing to fewer minion spawn and camps? And if so, what is a good number? You figure by 30 minutes, you aren't really hard farming so upkeeping the numbers might not be there, but for early to mid, what is it i should be striving for and if it is above the 6-7 average i have, then what can i do without setting my laners behind because not all my matchups allow for counter jungling unless i can confirm his (the enemy junglers) position or have priority in my lanes.
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