Please post the same Content you post in Videos in a Written Form as well

So, there have been a couple of updates about the game (TFT, Legends of Runeterra, Gameplay and Ranked of stuff currently on the na lol homepage), and it is super frustrating to have that info only available in video form. Clicking on it takes you straight to a video instead of to a page/blog post thing with the video embedded and the same info available in text format. I read a lot faster then a video. I don't need to spend a combined 13+ minutes getting that info from a video when it could have been put into three pages that might take me 2 minutes to read and are easier to reference in the future. Also, for accessibility, if someone was deaf, having the info in a text format instead of a video is far easier to access. So please, at the very least consider putting the transcript of what they are saying on a page with the video, not just forcing us to watch the video. And if I'm dumb and this is available somewhere else in text form, please let me know.
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