Alternative perspective: similar rank/=similar subskills

We all know the all to familiar tune where someone gets matched with players who have similar elos yet seemingly they don't know the first thing about the game. “Everyone has bad games“ “They played an unfamiliar role/champ“ “They got countered“ “Rank is no proper indication for skill“ “...“ We all have heard those explanations before. With this thread however I'd like to add something else and put it on review for the community ( to confirm or debunk it). If you look at statistics you'll notice that things like CS, utility, objective control and Kill participation go up the further you go up the ladder. It is no surprise that there is more or less a consensus on what roughly the best playstyle is to achieve victory. Yet, having access to the personal statistics of a few players with exactly the same rank and preferred roles, I noticed that there can be very large discrepancies as to what these players focus on when it comes to playstyle. To give a hypothetical example: a diamond mid laner can have quite a suboptimal average CS while sharing the same rank with a diamond mid laner who never misses a minion. This can only be explained by taking into account that the first diamond player performs better at a different field. He adopts for example a more aggressive playstyle and deals on average more damage while also being better at avoiding dmg (and thus circumvents the gold deficiency he build in comparison to the better farming diamond player) Taking this into account, we have an environment where players with the same rank have a very different skill set which however gets randomly shuffled during matchmaking. If you end up in a team with only very aggressive players who are excellent at killing/setting up kills in 1vs1 or 2vs2 situations while you are the only one who has a very keen eye for objectives and team fights (but are worse at killing), then you are going to wonder a lot what the fuck you're team is doing and vice versa. This also means that different playstyles can perform a lot better or a lot worse depending on the playstyles/skill sets of both their team and the enemy team. Which leads to a lot of what the fuck situations. Tldr: rank is not enough to match players, playstyles must be carefully matched as well. (This concept goes beyond preferred champion choice)
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