Want to know why bronze is the worst elo?

These are the reasons:- https://imgur.com/a/bd4OA https://imgur.com/a/yHPg3 I just don't know how am I going to rank up. Every game it's the same thing. I play good but my teammate feeds and I end up losing. Turns out either they are bad, their opponent is a smurf or they are drunk The play well and I feed because I was bad or my opponent is a smurf. And Riot doesn't care especially anything that concerns bronze. After all we are the worst players. If we were to leave the game, nothing would happen to their profits. The guy whom I was chatting with, I had to play against him twice in a row. And on top of that, the games have become which bot lane is better. If my ADC is good, GG, we win. If their ADC is good, yeah, no matter how well I play I am going to lose. The matchmaking is crap. And the funny thing is Riot does not condemn this. They have no problem with smurfs ruining games of low elo players. We already suck but we have no chance to improve when we are being pounded on the ground by high-level players. And I am sure, they won't be done with. The smurf even said that Riot isn't going to do crap. After all Riot loves $$$.
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