Solo Queue Dodge Timer Penalties

Hello! Two year player here, with about 800 matches under belt. While that is in no way impressive, I enjoy the game on a near daily basis, often times logging 5-10+ matches a day. I've had a lot of ups and downs, and have not always been the most kind player, but have always fought hard to regain the "right of way" while playing and often times take measure to obstruct being toxic from myself or others. While I can not claim always to be righteous, I am observant and appreciative of the measures Riot takes on their end to deal with toxic and harmful players, to the best of their ability. It is not a perfect system by any means, but I am sure effort is constantly exhibited on their end to keep the game running smoothly. That brings me to a feature I hope has been mentioned or looked into by Riot regarding players dodging matches during champion select, at least during solo queue and non ranked. Often times, as you and MANY other League players may have witnessed, regardless of how hard you try, there will be too many instances in solo queue where one or two players in a new lobby, will blatantly call, and or lock a champion and lane, regardless of someone else already having called such lane. While this is something we as players have to adapt to on the fly because we can not always have what we want, it is an incredible annoyance to unfairly be deprived of a lane a, or multiple, players "called" due to singular players ignoring those call outs and doing whatever they please, end of story. This often times leads to toxic encounters, and more than a few games where player who ordinarily would accompany one of several other lanes, is unable to service their team to the fullest extent due to being forced into lanes they have very little practice, skill, or knowledge in, leading further more to some very painful matches and losses, and team mates who are all too often eager to bash you for it. More to point, I'd hope an eventual system would be implemented where players could willingly choose to abort a champion select if one or more such players surface during champion select. As of recently, I have come accustomed to "taking the bullet" and putting up with a dodge queue penalty, rather than staying in match with someone who shows utter and blatant disregard for "right of way" champion and lane selections and call outs. Sure, as a player, I can give up and resort to that JG role that I have very little experience in, and more than likely not be of much help to my team mates as a result, but that is an incredibly painful experience to myself, and I am sure more than a few other gamers, especially ones that invest daily gameplay. The only way to truly counter this lack of professionalism from players like this, is to always go into queue with a full 5 man squad. That is logical, but very impractical, as solo queue is hardly meant for JUST full squads. I and many others should not only put up with these types of players, but also face mandatory penalties upon choosing to opt out of what is more than likely going to be a very poor encounter. I understand why the system is in place, surely. I only ask and hope that some feature be implemented to allow players, to avoid engaging in a match with types like that unless they are 100% okay with it playing out when one or more players selfishly lock lanes regardless of who tried to claim them to begin with. Something akin to a vote where 3 or 4 of the current 5 players in champion select, witness such a player brashly bully another out of a chosen lane, should be able to vote to voluntarily dodge the queue together, and maybe receive less of a penalty, or none at all due to it being for a good reason. Or any number of other solutions. I am by no means the professional designer here, and I am sure the capable employees of Riot could come with a thousand and one better alternatives, other than just, mandatory queue dodge penalties, especially towards players who knowingly make the choice in an attempt to have and distill a better gaming experience.
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