Bring Back the Old Champion Mastery Collection Page or Fix the New One...

Now i don't normally make posts, but ever since the mastery collection tab had been changed/updated, it's been the one thing that has been bothering me the most. Just look at my level and mastery score. I'm a serious League of Legends advocate and my opinion deserves some real consideration. I'm a collectionist, so keeping close track of these stats and being able to see my overall progress is almost vital for me to actually be able to enjoy the game. The Points don't sync with the progression wheel in almost all the champs, the large icons make it way too clunky and ruins the ability of being able to show off a plethora of champion masteries at one time. It should have been reverted immediately after the update especially after the fact that multiple posts were made to revert back, within minutes after the update. It has been months now. CHANGE THIS.
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