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As a AP Top Shaco main since season 2 I've been super happy with this new ruin system cause I have discovered a way to win 80-90% in the laning phase and with this build can burst any adc/assassin/mini-bruisers late game(can destroy tanks if they do not focus you as well). A lot of AP top shacos have been going the "Pink Ward" Strat and honestly, it doesn't do any damage. So I figured I'll share my strats to all the struggling top lane shacos out there. BEFORE WE BEGIN: you must have a decent amount of experience and know how to play mind games with the enemy and always assume you're at a 2v1 disadvantage this is a high-risk high reward method to playing Shaco and will need to know how to adjust if you fall behind. let's begin: Starting SSPells:{{summoner:4}} {{summoner:14}} Why flash? Like I said always think 2v1 disadvantage and Q early game is never enough to help you escape. Starting Items: {{item:1082}} 3x{{item:2003}} Dark ring cause this is your key to snowball and keeping up AP adaptability for the runes that I will talk about. Game start: As soon as you get your items run too whichever Enemy red/Blue buff (depending which side you start) that's closest to the top lane. Start with your W (boxes) and put them down. You will have enough time to put down 4 without any CD reduction. After stealing the buff you will have enough time to get back to top lane before the first 3 minions die and when 2-3 die you will already be a lvl ahead of the enemy champ in your lane. If you've taken Blue spam your W and E if Red buff depending on who you vs get Q lvl 2 if you think you can win the trades and harras. There JG will 100% gank you when they get up to the area in jg that you stole the buff and this is where the payoff comes. By now you should have set up 2 boxes behind you and have W off CD for when the jg come you bait them to your boxes and use the W to chain fear. If you don't know how to chain I suggest practicing. With the rune system I chose, if the JG isn't a tank you will 70% win the trade/fight but you have to be smart and judge to the best of your ability if your boxes will get them before they get you Runes: (https://imgur.com/a/AQXJf) This is where Utilizing this Plus your boxes early game will guarantee a win Press the Attack is Key for all your damage to become too much in any fight. if you hit someone procing PTA while they are being attacked by a box or 2 its all over for them in the early game. Triumph is good for surviving those last second ignites and winning a fight. Legend: Alacrity is good to utilize your overall damage with your {{item:3115}} and procing PTA sooner. Last stand is where the high risk- High reward also comes in. With PTA and Last stand you can get such a damage spike that utilizing boxes while having low health will kill any jg your baiting to kill you. Gathering Storm Is good scaling for all your damage and Absolute focus is great for that initial start in your burst. Your End game items: {{item:3009}} {{item:3041}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3115}} {{item:3100}} {{item:3089}} replace {{item:3041}} with {{item:3285}} if you cant keep up the stacks. If you have over 15 stacks replace {{item:3009}} with {{item:3285}} Item Order: You want to be building: {{item:1001}} {{item:1082}} {{item:3101}} {{item:3108}} {{item:3057}} {{item:3133}} in any order you think is right at the time so you can reach 40% CD reduction as soon as possible. First and second finished items should be {{item:3115}} and {{item:3147}} or reverse. 3rd item you want to make will most likely be {{item:3100}} then buy {{item:3041}} anytime you have over 7 stacks Spell order: lvl1-5: 1Q 3W 1E lvl6-10: 2Q 5W 2E 1R lvl11-15: 3Q 5W 5E 2R Max W first cause you're going to rely on boxes a lot. If you have anymore questions about the laning phase ill answer ASAP, but for now this is as far as ill talk about my strats. Hope this helped anyone trying to play Shaco top.
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