i'm more excited about Pizza Sivir and every chroma than GGMF

the pizzas look amazing, the whole outfit is cute, the chromas fulfill all the different pizza delivery girl fanservice you could ask for. and i'd rather play mf than sivir. but imo this GGMF is really subpar. the only one i like is the starswarm just because it reminds me of the dreadnova space pirates theme which is what i thought the skin was going to really hone in on originally, not just an afterthought. as far as i know, the lines are the same for each one ? i think they get one line when you choose it? but the remaining lines and interactions are all the same i believe. why no more than a passive line towards gp? esp with his dreadnova skin. esppp on the starswarm one. the new voice actress was really hit or miss for me. the hit lines were cute and sassy, the misses were cringe imo. sigh rito. i think we can all wait a bit longer for it if it meant more features and details. more personalization for each one. even if its priced regularly.
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