Trading System maybe??

So, i was wondering if league could have a trading system where people could trade their unwanted skins for something that their friendswould love and give something we want. It doesnt have to work skins with skins, it could me icons chromas wards and emotes. As soon as the trade was made the item would be added to the buyers inventory and it would be lost from the sellers inventory, but the item would be available for purchase right after the trade is made. I think this ides is pretty cool and i would love if it was added on the next patch or the season update. I am looking forward to hear from all of you and the riot employs. Have a nice day ^^ EDIT:Frogot to mention that there should be a 7 or 14 day trade block so that scammers cant steal everything or an email confirmation for every trade. And when doing skin trades there should be just an inventory space not 1:1 skins (tradeable items should be Shards, Heros, Icons, Chromas, Skins and Wards) (Untradeable skins should be Pax Skins, Gemstones, Gemstone skins/wards and limited edition skins and icons from past seasons like the challenger icon season 1 and black alistar)
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