Senna: First Support Marksman? Lies!

On RIOT PLS they said they would be introducing Senna as the first support marksman... uh... I've played a support marksmen occasionally for multiple seasons... so, no, she will not be the first ever support marksman. However, RIOT, in the past, has not been supportive of many player-driven playstyles that emerge. So now RIOT is interested in creating a support marksman? Is this going to be a developer driven playstyle? Is this like how they gave us Pyke as a support assassin? I'm just a little bit skeptical when these playstyles are being developer driven instead of player driven. Like when they do so much to keep marksmen out of the jungle and then redesign champions to be marksmen in the jungle, it just feels bad. Maybe RIOT should let players decide where champions belong. That said, another support marksman would be welcome... maybe. So what will Senna actually bring to the Rift? And why is RIOT ignoring the other marksmen that have been played in the support role? Is it because Senna is going to be the new OP? Other support marksmen just won't have Senna's high win rate? Or will it be because RIOT will work hard to make Senna unplayable in other roles on the RIFT? RIOT... PLS...
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