Can anyone explain the current report system?

I read tons of stuff about it, but not one reliable source. So how does it work. For real. I know, that chat related issues are handled by automated system. However. What about the rest of the stuff? Are they also handled automatically, or someone actually watches the games. If the former, then how it does decide, if someone is guilty? Also what about the report weights? All reports worth the same, or those who report rarely gets more priority? Is it true, that doesn't matter, if you get 9 reports in a single game, or just one? This last one doesn't seems to make sense though. I mean, if you get reported 9 times, then you are much more likely did something to get that, than if you get reported just once. Spare from false, and unreliable answers please. Only stuff from people with developer mark, or with link to source, that can be found on official site, or post made by developer.
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