Someone tell me how this game is D5 elo

Can someone tell me how this game is anywhere at all near D5 level? I mean I get that this is where all the hardstuck players are, but at a certain point there's a realization that this game is not on par with the elo you are in. _**Some highlights: **_ _-Bot lane with 30 deaths at the end of the game -23 deaths at 6 minutes_ I just don't understand how I'm getting matched with these players, according to this game I am around the same skill level as them, but as far as I am concerned, there is a big difference in skill level. When I decided to climb into D5 I wanted to get away from kill fests and chasing, but all I've been seeing in the past few weeks from people in D5 is chasing for kills, neglecting objectives, and all out suiciding for kills while lacking proper decision making that allows them to get kills without resulting in their death at the same time. When I play this I never go in for a kill unless I am nearly 100% certain I will come out alive with it, but all I saw people doing was going 100% ape level into the enemy team. Anyways, I ranted a bit, but someone tell me in any way possible how I'm deserving of this elo and how these people are on the same skill level as me. More Stats:
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