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I hate @ posts, I really REALLY do. Partially because I think they’re kind of dumb, no rioter is going to look at my post just because I put “@ insert name here”, at least not with any serious thought. But if it grants this post even a chance to get enough attention maybe I can get some info. I wanted to talk about Karma, and before you or anyone else leaves this post thinking I’m going to be complaining about her rework, trust me, I’m not. No I’m here to complain about the lack of information Riot has kept from players about Karma. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/70pWABtr-quick-gameplay-thoughts-november-22?show=flat&comment=002f0000 This post, from November of 2017 is the most recent time that I could find where you gave any information on Karma’s current state. As Riot Maple nectar said: > Going to just chip in here that we have been talking about (Karma) (Meddler and myself), and we're looking at getting to her in the near future. Not on the scope of a VGU - but we want to do a larger pass on her within the next year (hopefully more like the next 6 months). This entire year and at the last quarter of last year Karma has floated at a consistent 47% win rate with a minor rise at the start of the season because summon aery was overpowered during that time. Karma mains and even casual players have been clambering for any information on the state of her balance, but it’s been half a year and there’s still been no follow up, no gameplay thoughts, no balance changes, no testing, no information, nothing on Karma. We’re getting a lore update, which I’m thankful for, but that’s not really the crux of the problem. The point of this thread isn’t to bring up any potential balance changes, or talk about the last rework Six years ago, but to just ask for some information on Karma gameplay wise. {{champion:43}}

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