List of champs that need more skins

All of these champs have a large gap between now and their last released skin: {{champion:98}} The Big One- almost 5 years since a skin release {{champion:6}}- The Bigger One, recently passed 5 year mark ~~Star Guardian Urgot when~~ {{champion:161}} - Almost two years since a skin release, and Definitely Not wasn't even that good by modern skin standards (I'm not saying it's bad, I just main him and want to see a skin) {{champion:240}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:427}} - So while Jhin gets 3 skins, these guys get zero skins despite their age. At least Taliyah gets an SSG skin. {{champion:3}} - Almost 3 years since a skin release, but a lot of his current skins are good {{champion:28}} - About 3.5 years since a skin release, but no T H O T deserves a skin /s {{champion:82}} - Still no 1350 skin despite being in the game since the very early days, and about 3.5 years since a skin. Probably because only Malicious Metal plays him, as well as some Challenger Korean one trick. {{champion:99}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:21}} - Like a whole 5 months since a skin release. They really need new skins, like 3 each this year alone /s These aren't all of the champs that have gone years without a skin, but these came across my mind the most, and I think need a skin.
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