THEORY: Is RIOT intentionally screwing up the game? (kinda but not really outrage marketing)

Before we dive in, I'll let you know that I am a "the glass is half-full" kinda person and tend to over-examine the intention behind someone's actions. I thought about the balance team working for Riot. Although we come together as a community online (here) or in-game, we have jobs or duties to attend apart from League of Legends. However, these guys in the balance team are literally getting payed to balance the game. It's their actual job and some of them probably spend most of their time and effort in the workplace in balancing the game. Before I even say it, most of you guys have asked the question: then ~~why~~ how on earth is the game in such a state? Now, I'm not here to vaguely talk about any current issues or solutions- unproductive when half of the posts here are already doing so. I'm here to discuss on the intention and reason behind Riot's questionable changes in the game under the pretense that they are self-aware of how bad some of the changes are and that they are doing it on purpose. And is it really a pretense? What if what I'm suggesting is the reality? Hear me out. Remember when Riot buffed Galio's Q AP ratio to the point where even a semi-fed galio could actually 100-0 a squishy with a single Q? My brain hurts a lot when I try to make sense of the people putting in the numbers for the AP ratio and decided it was "balanced". The more believable alternative is that they knew it was not balanced but released the changes anyways. Why would they do this? > Some reasons, you guys can list more. > 1. Community outrage= more interest to the game- atleast temporarily before people quit? lol. I honestly can't quit though. Idk why XD > just imagine the activity here on boards when the game is perfectly balanced. No-one would be here. > 2. Content material for creators, streamers that actually do get more views when the game is hectic and the thumbnail/title for a youtube video reflects it. > 3. Change for the sake of change. Chaos for the sake of Chaos. You get the point. Game gets boring? when static. > 4. Publicity and free advertisement. Talking to a friend in the library and telling him "so they reworked Akali and you can't gank her cuz of her shroud and by the time it ends a counter gank comes---" "WTF THAT's BROKEN!" (librarian comes): "hey you guys are too loud--" "BUT THE AKALI REWORK SHROUD TRUE STEALTH?!!" (Librarian): "oh is this about a game? I play HOTS" ...... and what do you know that librarian is playing League a few days later. > Point is nobody talks, tweets about how balanced a game is. Conversations and jokes happen when there is something to complain or report about. Bringing up the Galio Q thing again. Do you really think that a human that at least graduated middle school won't find a problem with the numbers of the AP ratio? Trust me, I failed math in high school but I immediately said "wtf" out loud when I read the patch notes (not even playing it in game but these guys in the balance team play tested it multiple times) Like come on, there is no way the balance team is actually that stupid. They get paid to do this, of course it's actually something disgustingly smart. They are 200 IQ for said reasons above. EDIT: Apparently some people thought I'm saying Riot is either stupid or they are "assholes" (quoting someone in the comments) in ruining their game on purpose. This is not the case. This is not a post shitting on Riot. I'm saying that since Riot is not stupid, they have to be smart in creating controlled outrage that is healthy to a certain point by making questionable changes on the game. I actually believe this. If you don't think I believe this, convince me and tell me how Riot managed to release the Galio Q buff which they themselves hot fixed. The AP ratios look broken even on paper, and takes less than middle school math to understand this. Riot admitted it was broken and hot fixed it. Since Riot isn't stupid and they knew the numbers were off (like anyone would seriously) how and why were the changes released? My entire theory of Riot intentionally creating public outrage to benefit the game (for said reasons above) is based on this question. What is the more realistic scenario on how and why those changes were released? If you can't answer this like a certain dude in the comments below, than stop telling me that I am hating on Riot which I'm not. I'm saying they are smart ffs.
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