Vayne is absolute bullshit

Might not be 'meta' right now, idk. People have stopped complaining coz riot doesnt do anything, but this champ is absolutely busted. One of the few champs that gets an invis, and a resetting invis at that. self peel which can be used as an offensive stun, lowest cooldown reposition of any adc, AD steroid ult, and then those bullshit truesilver bolts which do % maxhp true damage, another busted mechanic that she is the only champ that has. Not to mention bullshit synergy with rageblade. This champ is bullshit and everyone knows it. why riot wont rework her is beyond me. One champ cannot have so many busted unique mechanics on it. invis - only 4 other champs have it. Resetting invis - only she has it. Self peel, most adcs dont have it, she does, which can turn into a stun, which no other adc has. % maxhp third attack which is every second attack with rageblade - again nobody else has which has no counterbuild. fucking nonsense.
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