Riot should follow other game developers and have polls and weekly Q&As.

I have been seeing so many people that are not satisfied with the current state of league of legends, for me personally, I like the game but there are a few things I dislike that I would like changed. I think most people that do not like the current state of the game are mostly frustrated because Riot is not listening or they feel like Riot is not listening, and I think communication is key and communication can help resolve a lot of the issues. I have seen a lot of games that are reaching out the their player base and they are constantly communicating with their player base, and it is the player base who help shape the game. Riot will always determine what changes are made, but I believe they should let the player base, the people who are playing the game, help influence what changes are made. With all that being said, I think Riot should start polling Quality of Life (QOL) questions to the community to get everyone's input. When they do these polls, they should also get stats to determine if there are trends, stats include but not limited to, account level, solo/duo/flex rank/, games played in each game mode, time played, top champions played, and etc. They can take these poll results and voter stats and make decisions based off of this, like for example, if the entire community thinks Kai'Sa excluding a small percentage and the small percentage are Kai'Sa mains, they can make changes accordingly if needed. Or maybe everyone thinks the max punishment for toxicity should be a permanent mute and bans should only be for inting/cheating and etc, they can check the honor levels for all the people and see if all the people with high honor thinks this is reasonable and etc. Also if anything, I think Riot should have live QA streams or at the very least, live QA threads. I think one time a week, they should dedicate 1 to 3 hours and have a few Riot members, maybe one from each department like a person from balancing, person from support, a person from champion development and etc to answer different questions. What this does, it gets Riot closer to their player base which will earn a lot more respect from the players, and then it shows that Riot is actually listening to what everyone is saying and all the players can be heard. I really like league and I am fine with the state it is, but I see a lot of upset players and feel like there is no communication and I feel like that needs to be changed. TLDR: A lot of people are upset with the game and there is no communication between Riot and their play base and they should implement polls that help with Quality of Life and they should do weekly QA streams.
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