More jungle nerfs...

I mean its ok for me ill just tax even more after one gank, but jungle will be unplayable in low elo, junglers are actually 2-3 levels below every lamer actually, camps now give super low XP, its just better perma gank and get the cs xp, if u guys think this is good for your laning phase, you are all so wrong, now junglers will gank even MORE to get cs XP after a succesful gank and some platings. Has jungle ever got a Buff? I feel like its getting a XP Nerf every 3 months, how is this balanced? Wathever, im not a bronze, i recently got d4 by playing one of the worst champs in the Game, in the jungle, so I consider myself good enough to review this, and its actually going yo to fk up every lane.
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