The problem with toxicity and perspective

This idea came to me as I was reading about the history of soccer and specifically "soccer hooligans". In the history of soccer there was a point in England soccer that if you claimed to be a soccer fan, people assumed you were violent, that's where the phrase hooligan, was born. This was built up over time and it all came crashing down as the world debated if they even invite the England team to the world cup, because the fans might be too big a threat. Think about that. The England fans were so sterotyped that the England team had a possibility of not going simply because the fans were assumed to be a threat. Now most of that was about soccer but when I was thinking about that I actually thought of league. League of Legends is claimed to be the most toxic community. English fans were claimed to be the most toxic. Majority of this wasn't even the community but how perspective the media made them see. Now it's ridiculous of me to think world's wouldn't happen because of how toxic the game is, but I have friends who stopped playing, or wouldn't even try because of how toxic the game is. My worry is toxicity is going to kill this game, because league of legends has a community and toxicity will pull that community apart. What are your guy's thoughts?
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