As someone who has defended Riot again and again, I have to say this is enough.

Until Riot understands that their actions to achieve the diversity agenda of the neo-left (I'm saying this as neither a Left or Right leaning individual) only alienates the audience and supports a toxic ideology, I will no longer support the company with my hard-earned money. I've avidly defended Riot in many things they do. I try to give them an easy pass seeing that the past year has been hard for them with all of the changes, stories, and angry community members coming in from left and right. But after seeing this story on excluding cis males from their panel at PAX East, even if it is for a limited duration, I cannot support a company that believes excluding one group of people will support and raise up another. In doing this, you only turn non cis males into victims who need their own time in the sun away from others. Your virtue signaling only hurts your image. As someone who used to walk on both sides of the political spectrum, I can tell you that the people you are trying to pander to have little to no influence despite the attention they are given in today's media. Your dedicated audience that you have built over the years (which you are already testing with the current gameplay situation) has a greater impact on how you as a company perform than a few passing mobs. As a consumer, I beg you to not alienate or scrutinize the majority for the sake of the minority. Remember who your true audience is. Remember who lines your pockets. PC culture has done nothing but destroy anything that comes into contact with it.
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