Why do so many posts claim that Riot owes them orange essence?

So let me get this straight. Riot makes spends a lot of time and money on making cosmetic things for the game, things that quite literally are pointless for the gameplay itself, but they spice things up this way and allow you to take on cool looks for your favourite champions. This usually costs RP, aka money, and serves as one of the game's main income sources. So when Riot allows you a way to get these cosmetic items for **_FREE_**, and they decide to tune down that system just a little bit, some people actually get mad and claim Riot now owes them something, that they are greedy and decide to make a post about it. What if they removed the orange essence system completely? Would these people claim that Riot owes them skins then, despite it being a pay to get system in the first place? I feel like this is the embodiment of spoiled. Edit: Seems like a lot of people are forgetting that League of Legends in itself is a free game. Compared to Overwatch, SW BF2, SKO and other games using a similar system, but you also have to actually pay for.
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