My favorite champions to play against in lane

{{champion:84}} - Missed all your skillshots? Overcommitted? Shroud. Sliver of health left, about to die? Shroud. Snack break? Shroud. {{champion:24}} - Dodges all of your skillshots and somehow manages to win the 3v1 with full health. Jumps away right when you're about to kill him. Dodges this month's rent bill. {{champion:7}} - She's over there right? Er wait she's ------ fuck. {{champion:39}} - Stuns you from the other side of the lane. Qs through 20 minions to kill you even though she could've just walked forward. Ultimate is clearly meant to be the tip of a... {{champion:238}} - Somehow botches every single ability but still manages to kill you with his ultimate. Emotes every single time he gets a kill. Complains in all chat about Sona's ultimate after walking into a bush in the river area with no vision. {{champion:555}} - Has 20 different combinations of dashes he can use to get away from you. Just when you think you've gotten away an oversized x appears. Always surfaces from thin air, which scares you and causes you to fall off your chair. {{champion:63}} - Literally the human torch. His rings burn up your will to play, and sear through your LP. {{champion:38}} - Teleports up your ass and shreds your intestines, leaving you to slowly bleed out and regret your entire existence. {{champion:14}} - Somehow as tanky as alistar but also can output damage equivalent to a talon's. Always barrels headfirst into your entire team leaving you wondering how such a chunky guy can run so quickly and wishing you got more out of that middle school track team.
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