Say that we got a LoL-based beat'em up. Which Champions would you want to be playable?

Strange question, I know, but I was just watching a few great beat'em ups like The Ninja Warriors Once Again, Double Dragon, TMNT: Turtles In Time Arcade, and so forth. Side-scrolling, button-mashing, corny lines, arrows telling you which way to go, arcade-style gameplay, and tons of mooks to beat the tar out of. So who would you want to be playable? Try picking up to 6 Champions. **My picks** {{champion:89}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:103}} You'd all be up against {{champion:82}} , who has kidnapped {{champion:99}} and plots to take over the world with his minions {{champion:45}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:36}} .
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