Why is solo q so tilting

Im giving up on this game. Ive been playing since season 2 but solo q is not fun anymore. Ive been keeping track of my games and heres what Ive noticed. 10%-20% chance I am dealing with a smurf. After a few days I go back to check the rank of the person who carried, his in plat, in 2 days and I played him in mid gold. I mean just go on twitch and youll see people smurfing on a regular. On top of that people are making it a business to pay for league tutors, and you pay them to go with you into a game to teach you but also boost you. I dont know which but players who dont belong in low elo, is too common. 10%-20% chance someone has filled into a role they dont main. Just playing with a disadvantage. So they end up losing or feeding and not being able to make plays, they just farm and hope there is a 5v5 team fight because they can split or make plays in a role they are not comfortable in. 10-20% dealing with toxic or tilted players. 50% games are honest in my opinion where everyone gets a role they want, and there are no smurfs. Games tend to lean towards one side around 9 min mark. Solo q is a gamble. 50 percent of my games will be well matched with players in similar skill. The other 50 percent is the game is decided in before it starts. Percentages based off of sets of 10 games I look back on. Games are inconsistent. How can I go 12/0/13 in 1 game and in very next game Ill go 0/2/5 and my teammates have have like bronze scores. I am not joking that I have had players and teammates who are better players in gold IV than in gold II. Same with opponents. Its more normal to have games that are one sided than to have well balanced matches. Issues that might be exclusive to support mains: If you pick a support champ that doesn't deal damage and is more peel or utility based. And your teammates arent doing well, or just cant keep up with the enemy team. You become useless and the long game is just a frustrating experience. You literally just sit back and watch the enemy beat up your team. Sure you can talk and give advice but thats only for quick tips. If the other player is on another level, you just cant sit there and type all game. What happens when I fill into a lane: My secondary is top. I have played a few games top. Now I have a 0% win rate on top. Amazing right. The funny thing is, that I won my lane on all my games. I just cannot carry as a top player and my teammates coincidentally fed all games I played top. They were not close games, they were games we got destroyed on. This goes back to 10% percent of my games are with people who fill into a role and this just ruins the game because they role they fill into should be a secondary elo, not the same elo as there main. No voice chat. This game should have a voice chat. It should be pushed as a default way to play. People who argue will argue anyways. But its unfair when you have a duo on enemy team who have that advantage that you dont. A jungler duo with a lane can easily give details that people are just too lazy or discouraged to provide otherwise. For example where wards are placed and baiting successfully. It also doesnt make sense why the pros play with voice chat, but the regular rank game does not. Should we strive to have our rank be as competitive and entertaining as the pro matches? The highest Ive been in rank is plat 3. Ive placed plat for 3 seasons, but last season I placed in gold. And same looks for this season. I dont mind gold. Its just when I was in plat, I had fun, most games where competitive and you get spoiled that you dont have to baby people, because your teammates already knew how to play and when to take certain risks. In gold you have players who just have 1 mode of play style and if that doesnt work, they are lost. Or just dont know basic strategy. Higher elo players just dont have to deal with smurfs, because they can keep up with the smurfs. They dont have to deal with people criticizing them as much, because they can understand why you did certain things. Low elo, if you try to do someone and it doesnt work, here comes a debate about actions taken and why they were right and why it failed. All in all, higher elo people just play, they know what there doing and games tend to be very fun. Gold is like dealing with kids who having had lunch yet. Either way, Im gonna take a long break from this game. Maybe Ill try it in 3 years. Who knows. But league is just not fun and a lot of it is because of the many variables of matchmaking. Im sure others have similar experiences but I dont know if its to the same degree as mine. Would like to hear what others experience and how they deal with it, or they just strongman it.
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