Riot Games to give out special in-game tags to straight white male players

Earlier today, Riot issued a press release addressing the recent controversy over excluding people with a penis at PAX in order to prove how not sexist they are. [LINK.]( In the press release, a mysterious Riot employee known only as "DZK" addresses the community: DZK: "We believe that in addition to excluding males from events in the name of equality, we must also identify said males in-game so that women and LGBT people know who their oppressors are. Too long have straight white male sea lions oppressed women in gaming by talking trash to them, which is something that doesn't happen to any other demographic in online gaming. Starting next week, all oppressors will receive a tag that says "fucking straight white male". It will appear in all-caps next to their clan tag in-game. In addition, all players wearing this tag shall be permanently muted and have their voice chat disabled so that male voices can never again drown out female ones. They shall also lose more LP per loss and gain less LP per win than other players of the same MMR, in order to balance out the oppression that holds women back in the game. All in the name of equality. And if you've never had to think about this a day in your life and don't understand why these changes are necessary, then congratulations, you are Hitler. Enjoy your tag."
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