2011 Fiddlesticks player's thoughts on the new concept art.

Hello, so I have been playing {{champion:9}} as a one trick, outside of the meta for many years on my alt "Best Fiddle NA", (sadly banned now) and have played him in almost ever role (besides crittlesticks, bot lane), that I absolutely have love this champion. Seriously, I live and breathe for this champ, regardless of how many criticisms I get for choosing him, or how many times I got hated, the privilege of terrifying people with his surprise game changing ults and early-mid cheesing abilities is an honor. So to my point, After being absent from the game for a while back, I had no idea my boy Fiddle was voted for a rework, and i'm super excited! So regarding his concept design so far, I really liked all 3 that were shown recently, but which ever design they choose to go with, I hope Riot keeps him funny looking, but terrifying at the same time. His walking animation is also hilarious and suitable, but can use some changes, I mean, how else do you picture a scarecrow walking? There are some weaknesses that I hope Riot fixes and one of them, is his terrible AA animation, over the years its been stale as hell (close to anivia's) Not being able to last hit properly under towers, which also indirectly forced him to remain in bot support or jungle. Very limited threat in multiple metas, due to lack of pressure by abilities Passive kind of sucks, even though it has been changed to tie with his ult and escaping, it still feels.. like it needs something. My suggestion for his abilities (These are pretty vague, but to the point) Q Should not just be a point and click fear, instead be a skill shot or trap that still induces fear in a creative way. W should be an actual damaging skill that doesn't just require you to be stationary anymore of course. E I think should still keep his silence factor, but maybe have him actually utilize his scythe like in the CGI trailer. R I strongly believe should remain the same, considering it exemplifies Fiddlesticks's surprise factor. Conclusion, so far fiddle has been the only unique champion to me, that's had a special place in my heart, so seeing his VGU coming up has really struck me with mixed feelings. I want to be happy, but also afraid of losing the Fiddle that I grew up playing this game with.
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