I guess I should just look at the boards rather than Riot's own client to know the server state?

Honestly like what the actual fuck? A couple days ago the servers had major issues that stopped quests from tracking, caused massive lag, caused games to be left in limbo after they were finished, etc. I myself had a glitch where I was unable to earn tokens while this was happening, and once I noticed Worlds tokens weren't being added to the total in my inventory I went to Riot support to ask them about the glitch and when the tokens would be returned and the response was "well you played games and you got the tokens so it's fine lol." And then I told them, no it's not fine I didn't actually earn any, I should have X amount of tokens after that many games. They reply a day later with "lul well you have X tokens now so it all settled up it's all good OwO senpai have a good one!!!!!:):)" even though by that point I could earn new tokens, and got to X tokens by playing games and not by having my glitched tokens returned but whatever. So that shitty event and experience with Riot support talking down to me is a couple days behind me and I'm already annoyed. Lo and behold, I get home today and I have about 80% packet loss in my very first game. Champions skating around without animation, minions dying then having 0 HP corpses get stuck in lane, people teleporting as if it's Dark Souls 1 against people from Australia all over again. I come to the forums and sure enough, people with AT&T, Centurylink (my provider), and others are having major ping issues that are anywhere from 3-10 times as high as it normally is. So my question is this: why the hell is the exclamation mark in the client which is used to show issues not being used to warn people away from queuing up while the server is on fire? I'm already pissed enough that I can't earn tokens on a PAID FOR event that I thought would be worth it because this event is a longer duration, but to make matters worse Riot's community online apparently has to warn about server instability because they won't do it themselves. So annoying.
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