Everyone, Calm Down. Aphelios Isn't That Complicated.

...To understand, at least. He will take practice to get accustomed to playing him, I'll grant that. I will attempt to make Aphelios' kit as simple and straightforward as I can. **Passive**: he gains stats instead of skill points when he levels up. Simple enough. **W**: Switch to your other weapon. **E**: Does not exist. **R**: It's a bomb. **Weapon 1 (Calibrum)**: It shoots farther. Click marked things to hurt them with your other gun. Calibrum Q: A skillshot that marks things. Calibrum R: Consumed marks hurt more. **Weapon 2 (Severum)**: It heals you a little. Gives a little shield if you're full. Severum Q: Move faster and shoot a bunch with both guns, for less damage. Severum R: You get healed. **Weapon 3 (Gravitum)**: It makes enemies slower. Gravitum Q: That slow suddenly becomes a root. Gravitum R: That slow is a bigger slow. **Weapon 4 (Infernum)**: This is a flammenwerfer. It werfs flammen. (It leaves a painful area behind enemies.) Infernum Q: A wave of fire, then shoot with your other gun. Infernum R: Creates a painful area around enemies instead of behind them. **Weapon 5 (Crescendum)**: You can attack again when this gets back to you. Crescendum does more damage if it's your other gun. Crescendum Q: Your other gun becomes a little friend. Crescendum R: We'll pretend like you hit three enemies for doing more damage, even if you didn't. The only other thing to understand is that a weapon will move to the end of the line once 50 Moonlight has been used up. **_CONCLUSION_**: Think of it as Apehlios having five 'mini-kits'. That's a lot of mini-kits, but none of them are particularly complicated. The intricacies come in Moonlight management to make the next gun-pairing one with good synergy.
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