I was told to smother my baby by an angry teammate

So. I usually play a game or two of LoL after I put my toddler to sleep. I tend to wait an hour or so after he goes to sleep just to make sure he's totally asleep. Tonight I was playing an ARAM and I wasn't doing well. Not a big deal we all play poorly from time to time. I hear crying from the other room as I'm playing and at first I continue to play, sometimes he soothes himself to sleep. Suddenly I hear screaming so I run to the other room and I rush to help my wife taking care of the little guy. He's apparently teething. When I get up to get teething gel I come back and quickly type "Afk for a moment I have a crying baby" or something to that effect. When I come back the game is in post game lobby. I'm disappointed because I hate being that guy for my team. I read post game chat and read. "Put a pillow over it and it will keep it from growing up and afking in a game" "True story" It made me sick to my stomach. I understand why he's upset but this is unacceptable. What the hell. Sorry for the rant.
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