Managing Match History

I like the new online Match History but it does not allow opening a games specific details in a new tab or window by right clicking. This means that users have to duplicate the overview of the list of matches matching the filter (and reapply the filter for each duplicate tab) and then open different games up on each tab. The right click open in new tab or window would be and excellent option to have. I noticed that the end of the URL in a specific games match history is the "game number" followed by the "summoner number." Is there a way to populate all the game numbers for my summoner number? Basically to see the statistics the way I want, I am pulling the game information from the data stored in the HTML and displaying it how I want. For example, pulling the data from the list of games overview page, I can generate more detailed graphs using statistics from multiple games. Currently the server gives the match history information in a set in stone way. It would be nice to be able to have a little more power in terms of which data to display and how. For example , it would be awesome to see my gold income over time for victories and defeats specifically for eg. Syndra Normal Draft Mode games. I have done something similar by pulling data from the matches overview page but it only is the endpoint incomes for each game (see attached). Although 3rd party websites to give some great statistics, they do not give you the freedom to look at the statistics you are specifically interested in, like in a query format. So my questions are? How do I less meticulously find all my game number for my summoner? Can I find it in the HTML? Are you thinking of implementing a match history browser that gives more analysis power to the user/summoner?

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