Help me i can't play league of legends because of error

So i will tell you from the start and sorry for my bad English. I download LOL on my new PC but this time i can't install the game i got error "There was a problem patching League of Legends. We'll restore a backup version and try updating..." OK after that i restore and a Bug splat error come. After that i open again League and the game start to repair the problem.. Now i can see my lol client and the game start to patching but end on 30-or 60% and tell me error 004 i click ok and the game start to patch again and this is all day ! I have this problem for a log time sometimes somehow the game patch and i can play for about 1 day and the next day i got same problem cant' patch it again error 004... Or if i dont have this error if i pick a champion and we start the game i cant complete 100% and enter the game i stuck on 0% and my game start to repair after that i got ban after ban... Pls help me i want to fix it and enjoy it again with my friends. Btw i try everything Hextech repair, open as administrator,firewall....

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