Lag spikes after patch 8.6 (Haste user)

Hi. So... ever since the new patch with the voice system, all my matches have been way too laggy (even after disconnecting from the Voice). I usually get a consistent 65ms using Haste, but after the patch, it is jumping from 70~100ms every other minute, making it really hard to play. I use Wi-Fi for my connection, and I am aware that ethernet is better, but I have no choice. Though, it shouldn't matter as both the Wi-Fi and the hardware from my internet provider scored basically the same 86, 88. (Checked from my League of Legends page) And until this patch, for about a half a year, I hadn't had a single lag issue, as long as the Haste was on. That being said, I am highly suspecting that it has something to do with this new patch. (I.e. the voice is clashing with Haste? Firewall? etc. etc.) Some people I met during games also reported the similar issues, where they experienced either lag spikes or frame drops (though I'm not sure if they use Haste or not). To fix this, I have uninstalled/downloaded league, Haste, disabled firewall, and basically tried everything that is recommended in the Riot support. Still, extremely jumpy ping. Does anyone else experience this massive lag (with or without Haste)? Is there a solution to this?? PLEASE HELP as my withdrawal from LoL is killing me.. P.S From other posts, I read that in 8.6, they changed some routes that league connects (not entirely sure what this means). I am wondering if this has something to do with the Haste, as Haste uses its own routes to connect faster (what I've gathered from the website). If so, how can I change it back to what it used to be? Thanks in advance!
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