"An unknown DirectX error has occurred and League of Legends cannot start."

Hello, I recently purchased an Acer Aspire E5-575 signature edition laptop, and up till now, everything has been great. The game has run extremely well, with absolutely no issues whatsoever. But, starting today, I got into a game, chose my champion, and then waited for the loading screen to pop up. It didn't. A black box appeared where the champion loading screen should have, and then it disappeared again, replaced by a little white box that said "An unknown DirectX error has occurred and League of Legends cannot start. Please make sure your video card is using the latest video drivers from the manufacturer." I did some research online, and seemingly discovered a solution to the problem (my video card is, of course, using the latest video drivers). I used this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jafsIpB2IEA Opening the file location, and finding my way into the League of Legends config folder, I deleted the "game.cfg" and "input.ini" file that was located there. Then, I went into the RADS folder, through the projects folder, and _attempted_ to delete the lol_game_client folder, as instructed in the video tutorial above. However, my computer refused to let me. It said stuff like "preparing to recycle" some thousand items, then some thousand "items recycled," then it asked for administrator permission to delete (which I gave), but after recycling about 40,000 items it stopped and said "Folder Access Denied." No matter how many times I clicked retry, the same thing happened. This is the screenshot of the error message: https://1drv.ms/i/s!AoMlKSmDG1WFjTSCvnGlBuxn95U1 I can't go any further. Basically I'm stuck, with several huge files deleted, and unable to actually solve the problem or play a game. Even taking the other deleted files from my recycling bin and putting them back doesn't help- I still can't get into a game without the loading screen shutting down and the DirectX error message popping up. Please, please help. I just want to play. Thank you, TeeRoyX
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