Launcher powers down my PC

I'm experiencing a rather odd issue with the launcher. Yesterday the game worked fine. Today, when I try to start the launcher Windows 8 does the typical procedure of asking if I want to allow the program to make changes to the computer, so I click yes, then after a brief delay my computer promptly powers down. I have narrowed the power down issue to the launcher, because it occurs every time I try to start the launcher. Also note that no shut down procedures of programs closing, etc, occurs. Screen just goes black and the tower's fans turn off. And this happened within a few minutes of turning my computer on for the first time of the day, and I've got a great cooling system, so overheating is not even a semblance of a possibility. I'm thinking some client files got corrupted, so i want to try to reinstall the program, but the application isn't listed in my control panel so I can't uninstall it. Some desktop PC Specs: Nvidia 980TI GPU Intel Core i7 4790K 16GB ram ASUS Maximus VII Ranger motherboard Is there an uninstall utility or other technique I can use to try reinstalling the game? Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this problem? Thank you. EDIT: I do not use LOLrecorder and have never installed it or any other LOL recording programs on this computer.
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