Pool Party Rewards Distribution [COMPLETE]

***EDIT July 7th:*** *RP compensation has now been complete, and all rewards should have been distributed!* ------------------------------------------------------ ***EDIT July 6th: *** *All Mystery Champions and Skins have now been awarded! If you are absolutely certain you met the requirements, but did not receive one, make sure to [submit a ticket](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/requests/new) so we can investigate further!* *For those who did not have enough Champions available or skins available for a Mystery Gift, you will be receiving RP equivalent to a Mystery Gift in the near future! We'll update this thread when this has been completed.* ------------------------------------------------------- ***EDIT July 2nd:*** *Mystery Champions are still being distributed, but it **may take up to 2 weeks** until the distribution has been fully completed. We will update this thread when we have more information!* ------------------------------------------------------- ***EDIT July 1st:*** *Mystery Champion rewards are still in the process of distribution for all Riot Regions. There is no specific ETA as to when it will be completed, but we will update this once it has finished!* --------------------------------------------------------------- Hey all, We have received a lot of questions regarding how the Pool Party rewards will work exactly. There is a lot of information that already exists out there, but here is everything in a single place: > **Level 1 -- Team Up IP Rewards** * These rewards were unlocked and given to players during the Pool Party Team Up week (June 14th, 23:59 PDT - June 21st 23:59 PDT). Once the event ended, the Team Up bonus expired. > **Level 2 -- Tons of Discounts** From June 25th 23:59 PDT - July 2nd 23:59 PDT, the following sales/promotions are available: * Pool Party Palooza Bundle available in the Client Store * Frozen Pool Party Bundle available in the Client Store * 50% off the RP price of the original Pool Party Champions and Skins * 25% off the ARAM Battle Boost * All T-shirts in our Merchandise Store discounted by 30% > **Level 3 -- Pool Party Icon ** * Any account level is eligible * You needed to have contributed one point (sent a gift, or won a premade 5 Matchmade Game) during the Pool Party Team Up Week (June 14th, 23:59 PDT - June 21st 23:59 PDT) * You are ineligible for this reward if you have received multiple severe Leaver Buster Penalties, a chat/ranked restriction (of any length), or a 2 week suspension within the past 6 months. * **This reward distribution has been completed**! If you are convinced you met this specific criteria, but have yet to receive one*, make sure to [submit a ticket](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) so we can investigate! **Note: The Icon may be buried in your list of Icons. Make sure to check this list thoroughly to ensure you've received it!* > **Level 3 (con't) -- Mystery Champion** * Any account level is eligible * You need to have registered your Facebook account to the Friend Discovery feature in your Friends List by June 28th 23:59 PDT, and remain registered for 24 hours. You **did not** need to have added any friends using this feature to be eligible. * If you have less than 10 champions left un-purchased and therefore are ineligible for a Mystery Champion, then you will be awarded a Mystery Skin instead > **Level 4 -- Pool Party Minions** * Currently live since patch 5.12 was deployed * Only on Summoner's Rift (Any mode) * Will be disabled once Patch 5.13 is deployed. > **Level 5 -- Party IP Weekend** * Active from June 25th 00:01 PDT - June 28th 23:59 PDT * Applies to any queue/game mode in which you can receive IP rewards (or have received more than 0 IP) * No additional rewards for Solo queue'ing * Rewards for parties of 2 or more is as follows Party of 2 - 100% Bonus Party of 3 - 150% Bonus Party of 4 - 200% Bonus Party of 5 - 300% Bonus * If you have an active IP Boost, it worked additively to the Party IP Weekend. For example, if you earned a base 100 IP in a match during the Party IP weekend while having an IP Boost, this breaks down as follows: 100 Base IP + Day IP Boost = Base IP (100) x 2 (Per Win boost simply adds 100 IP, regardless of base IP earned) + Party IP Weekend = Base IP (100) x Bonus size amount (as an example, lets say 100%) = 500 IP > **Level 6 -- Pool Party Mundo** * Not achieved
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